Contest 2009

The Swiss Olympiad in Informatics takes place from October '08 until May '09. The selection process is split into three rounds with events, training camps and workshops for practicing taking place in between. In order to participate you must join the first round and submit your solutions (online) until November 30th.

You can participate by registering a user acocunt on this page.

Requirements for Official Participants

The requirements correspond to those of the IOI 2009. Thus, all official participants of SOI 2009 must have been born on or after 1st July 1989. Swiss Citizenship is not required but you must have attended some form of education (such as Gymnasium or Berufsschule) in Switzerland during 2008-2009. Otherwise you are very welcome to solve the tasks anyway and submit as an external participant.


First Round October - November 30th (2008)
Olympiads Day (all olympiads) November 29th
SOI Day (ETH Zurich) January 17th '09
Training Camp in Davos February 9th - 14th
Second Round March 21st and 28th '09
Swiss Finals 8/9th and 15/16th of May '09
Participation at CEOI July
Participation at IOI August 8th - 15th