New Website Launched


For Informatica08 and the upcoming SOI 2009, we have moved our webpage to the Drupal Content Management System. Luckily the modularity of this open source project allows for our previous formatting filters to be integrated without much effort. This should make it a little easier to transfer all the data to our new page. Please be patient as this might still take a while. The good part is that the page can now profit from the many features that come with Drupal.

 drupal.png Drupal is a CMS intended for a community website. Thus we now have a discussion forum where users can go brag about their latest accomplishments in programming or discuss novel approaches to <insert interesting task here>. Any feedback from you, the users of this page, is very welcome - just send us an email or drop a note via the web page's user contact function. We are still experimenting with the language function but the page should be available also in German soon.