Second Round - Reminder

The second round of SOI 2013 is approaching.

Round 2T takes place on February 23rd. Meeting Point is in front of the CAB building at ETH Zurich at 9:45 AM Don't forget to bring writing utensils. During the exam we will provide you with snacks and drinks. Tickets will be refunded at «Halbtax» price.

The exam takes 4 hours and no additional materials are allowed (no computers, no notes, etc.). The tasks are comparable with the theoretical tasks of the first round. You can find a few instructions on how to write a good solution here (2011):

Round 2P takes place on March 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The practical round lasts for 5 hours and you will be working from home. The starting time is variable, i.e. you can begin any time within Friday, 1.3. 12:00 PM (12:00 Uhr) and Sunday, 3.3. 7:00 PM, but need to finish within 5 hours. If possible, we will try to set up the server before the practical round begins, such that you can get familiar with the contest online Judge. You may also want to solve the first task of the problem set on, which gives you an idea on how a typical automated online Judge functions. A good way to practice for the practical round (and for the international contests) is to solve a few tasks on SPOJ contains a huge archive of nice problems, many of which keep reappearing in similar form at programming contests.