Results Second Round - Qualificants SOI 2011 Finals

We finished correcting the submissions for 2T and therefore we can now publish the final results of the second round of SOI 2011. In the theoretical part the maximum points per task was 10, giving a total of 30 points for the theoretical part. We scaled those 30 points to 400 points (maximum of the practical part) and added them to the scores of the practical part. So the sum is your total out of 800 points.

Because the difference in score around the 12th place is just noise (smaller than what we can catch by our grading scheme), we have decided to qualify the top 15 instead of only the top 12. Therefore, the best 15 contestants (marked in bold) are invited to the SOI 2010 Finals, which are going to be held in Zurich May 20th/21st and May 27th/28th. The best four participants are invited to Slovak Camp.

International Events

SOI will participate in a number of international Events.

Slovak Camp: April 26 - May 2, Slovakia

BOI: July 3 - 9, Romania

CEOI: July 7 - 12, Poland

IOI: July 22 - 29, Thailand


  • The top four participants of round 2 qualify for participation in the Slovak preparation camp.
  • Participants for BOI/CEOI will be selected at the Swiss finals 2011, held May 20-21, 27-28
  • The top four participants of the Swiss finals 2011 qualify for IOI 2011 in Thailand, and probably also for either CEOI or BOI.

Final dates

The dates of the final round of the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics 2011 are fixed. As usual, there are four contest days on two consecutive weekends. They are held on May 20/21 at Credit Suisse in Zurich and on May 27/28 at IBM in Zurich. More information will follow soon.

Second Round - Reminder

The second round of SOI 11 is approaching.

Round 2T will take place March 19th, Round 2P will take place March 25th, 26th or 27th.

You may register at our testing server. It uses the same grading system as that which will be used for 2P. This is useful because you can get an idea what the contest mode will be. Note: At the contest, only the first task will be full feedback. You will not know your results on the other tasks until after the contest.

You might also want to have a look at the solutions of 1T. You can use any concept used in those solutions at the 2T contest without discussing its correctness.

SOI nimmt am Romanian Master of Mathematics & Sciences teil und gewinnt zwei Bronze-Medaillen!


Es ging alles ganz schnell. Am Samstagabend erfuhren wir davon, am Dienstag wurden die Gesuche von der Schule bewilligt und am Mittwochmorgen sassen wir schon gespannt im Flieger nach Bukarest, um am “Romanian Master of Mathematics and Sciences” teilzunehmen. Dieser Wettbewerb, der neben Mathematik und Physik das erste Mal auch Chemie und eben Informatik umfasste, strebt in diesen neuen Disziplinen auch nach einer internationalen Verankerung.

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