Davos Camp 2011


During the past week more than twenty young computer scientists participated in the annual Davos Camp of the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics. Additional to the 13 selected participants of SOI, we welcomed numerous guests in Davos this year. Four adolescents from each Hong Kong and Slovakia and three adolescents from Russia travelled with their leaders to Switzerland. The accommodation and the catering at the boarding school of the Swiss Alpine High School (SAMD) in Davos was just excellent, once again.


Davos camp grader open to everybody!

We are happy to announce that the grader for the Davos camp will be open to everybody after registration! It can be found at http://egal.inf.ethz.ch/tester/index.php.

The tasks will be published every evening after the practice session in Davos (approximately around 22:00). The grader should be running until the end of February.

If you are not a participant of the camp, we encourage you to use this opportunity to practice on the same tasks as the people in the camp. It is a very good preparation for the second round or also the SOI next year!

Results of the first round online

The results of both the theoretical and practical track are now online. We also noted the number of points of the top ranks of both tracks. If a contestant wants to know his score or just some feedback on his code (submissions to 1P), he can write an email to: timon@soi.ch

Results 1P

Results 1T


SOI Day Announcement

On Saturday, January 15th 2011, our annual SOI-Day will take place at ETH in Zurich. Starting from 10am we will present you interesting talks, solutions to some tasks of the first round, as well as, the ranking of the first round. We will also award prizes. Moreover you can look forward to the snake tournament: We will let the submissions to the task «Multisnake» play against each other to find the champion.

The SOI-Day is open, so feel free to invite anybody you want.

Please have a look at the program for more details: program

Upcoming Events

List of Upcoming Events:
  • January 15th: SOI Day
    Our annual SOI-Day will take place at ETH in Zurich. A detailed program will follow soon.
  • February 7th-11th: Davos Camp
    Keep this week free if you think you might make it belong the top 12 participants.
  • March 19th, 26th: Second Round
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