Davos Camp 2014 Report

 http://www.soi.ch/files/2014/Davos_2014_1.jpg?300 We spent the week from February 10 to 15 in our annual training camp in Davos. This year we were pleased to invite the twelve best-performing participants from this year's first round as well as three guest delegations from Slovakia, Russia and Israel.

http://www.soi.ch/files/2014/Davos_2014_3.jpg?300 Once assembled in the snowy mountain resort, we started with a few introductory board games and trivia quizzes to get to know each other. Right after dinner some first programming challenges waited to be solved.

First Round 2014 Results

http://www.soi.ch/files/2014/soiday2014.jpg?300 The rankings of the first round 2014 are available. Congratulations to all participants who qualified for the second round or even our training camp in Davos.

We had a SOI day full of interesting talks, an intense 'cops and robbers' tournament and some great prizes.

Find out more in our press release and take a look at the picture gallery.

SOI-Day on 11 January 2014

 http://www.soi.ch/files/2014/soiday.jpg?300 On 11 January 2014, the SOI-Day will take place at ETH Zurich. We prepared an exciting programme, filled with talks of computer scientists, explanations and solutions for the tasks of the first round and the live tournament of the “Cops and Robbers”-programs. Moreover, we will present the ranking of the first round and award amazing prizes.

The event is open to the public. You are very welcome to attend also if you did not participate this year. You are invited to bring along your friends, parents, teachers or other interested persons. This is a great occasion to get to know the SOI!

Details can be found in the document below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions (email address in the document).

Invitation to the SOI-Day 2014

SOI 2014 - Round 1: Deadline soon

Just to inform you that you have just a few more days to submit your tasks for the first round of SOI 2014.

We would like to stress, once more, that you should also submit if you only solved single tasks. You do not need to solve everything in order to participate in SOI. Moreover if you have any last minute questions, please do not hesitate to post in the forum or send us an email (info@soi.ch).

Deadline First Round SOI 2014 : Saturday, 30th November 2013 at 23:59

Also note that you can (and should) submit earlier, so if you have problems with the submission, you can contact us. The submission forms will be closed after the deadline.

It is, if unavoidable, possible to submit multiple times in case you find bugs in your submission. We will only look at the last submission for each task though.

Please make sure that you

  • mention the taskname, the programming language and your username at the beginning of each textfile you submit
  • filled in all the details about your user account (postal address, phone number, school, teacher, etc.)

CEOI 2013

Zentraleuropäische Informatikolympiade 2013

v.l.n.r Serge, Fabian, Benjamin, Timon, Sandro.

Wir durften dieses Jahr wieder als Gastnation an der Zentraleuropäische Informatikolympiade teilnehmen; sie fand im wunderschönen Primošten, in Kroatien statt. Die Schweiz wurde vertreten durch die Teilnehmer Benjamin Schmid, Fabian Lyck und Timon Stampfli, begleitet von Sandro Feuz und Serge Balzan als Leiter.

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