Hinweis: SMO-Tag am 22. Juni 2013: 10 Jahre imosuisse

Dieses Jahr wird das zehnjährige Bestehen der Schweizer Mathematik-Olympiade gefeiert. Um das Jubiläum gebührend zu feiern, findet am Vormittag ein Teamwettbewerb statt. Alle sind eingeladen. Mehr Informationen: Einladung, Flyer, IMOSuisse

SOI-Finalrunde 2013: Resultate

Resultate Die Gewinner der Schweizer Informatik-Olympiade stehen seit letzten Samstag fest: SOI 2013 Finalresultate


Die vier Teilnehmer, welche die Schweiz im Sommer an der Internationalen Informatik-Olympiade 2013 in Brisbane, Australien vertreten werden, sind:

IOI-Team Team-Photo
Johannes Kapfhammer, Gymnsaium Münchenstein, BL
Cédric Neukom, Neue Kantonsschule Aarau, AG
Fabian Lyck, Gymnasium Neufeld, BE
Benjamin Schmid, Kantonsschule Obwalden, OW

Der VSWO hat eine Medienmitteilung zum SOI-Final 2013 herausgegeben: Medienmitteilung SOI Final 2013. Weitere Bilder zum SOI-Final sind hier zu finden.

Results Second Round

We finished correcting the submissions for 2T and can therefore now publish the final results of the second round of SOI 2013. In the theoretical part the maximum points per task was 10, giving a total of 30 points for the theoretical part. We scaled those 30 points to 400 points (maximum of the practical part) and added them to the scores of the practical part.

Second Round - Reminder

The second round of SOI 2013 is approaching.

Round 2T takes place on February 23rd. Meeting Point is in front of the CAB building at ETH Zurich at 9:45 AM http://www.mapsearch.ethz.ch/map/mapSearchPre.do?gebaeudeMap=CAB Don't forget to bring writing utensils. During the exam we will provide you with snacks and drinks. Tickets will be refunded at «Halbtax» price.

The exam takes 4 hours and no additional materials are allowed (no computers, no notes, etc.). The tasks are comparable with the theoretical tasks of the first round.

Helvetic Coding Contest 2013

 hc2-2013.png Our friends from EPF Lausanne will again organize the Helvetic Coding Contest this year.

The contest will take place on March 16th and the registration is open until March 3rd on www.hc2.ch

Contestants that also participate in SOI this year can indicate «SOI» as their association and then do not need to pay the registration fee and will get their travel expenses refunded.

We hope to see many SOI-teams at the contest and wish them best of luck!

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