Video - All Questions Answered - Lecture by Prof. Donald E. Knuth

On January 14, 2012 at ETH Zurich the day of the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics took place. The highlight of the programme was the talk of Prof. Dr. Donald E. Knuth, winner of the Turing Award. His talk «All Questions Answered» was a discussion based on questions from the audience. Please enjoy the video recording of this lecture.

Results Second Round 2012

The ranking of Round 2 takes both, the theoretical and the practical part, into account. The rank is determined by the sum of the points in Round 2P (practice) and 2T (theory).

The best 15 participants are invited to the Swiss Finals in July 2012.

Davos Camp 2012

von Irena Kulka -


Davos hat eine neue „Schanze“: Jugendliche Informatiktalente trainieren hier den Sprung an die Internationale Informatik-Olympiade (IOI). Letzte Woche fand in Davos der zweite Informatik-Cup (I-Cup) Davos sowie das jährliche Trainingscamp der Informatik-Olympiaden statt. Internationale Teams aus Hong Kong, Rumänien, Russland und Slowakei waren dazu eingeladen. Aus der Schweiz nahmen die 12 Gewinner der ersten nationalen Runde der Schweizer Informatik-Olympiade (SOI) teil, sowie ein Schüler der Schweizerischen Alpinen Mittelschule Davos (SAMD).

Upcoming Events

  • February 20th-25th: Davos Camp
  • March 10th: Second Round (theoretical part)
    pen and paper contest at ETH Zurich
  • March 17th: Helvetic Coding Contest at EPFL:
  • March 23-25th: Second Round (practical part)
    practical contest at home - you can choose your own starting time for the contest over the course of this weekend

Prof. Dr. Donald Knuth at the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics Day


The lecture «All Questions Answered» of Prof. Dr. Donald Knuth at the Swiss Olympiad in Informatics Day on the 14th of January 2012 attracted a broad audience.

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Ranking of the first Round

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