SOI Workshops 2013

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Invitation to the SOI-Workshops October 5 and 26, 2013

We invite you to our two workshops in preparation for the first round. You are welcome to attend both or just one of the two days. The content of the two days will be largely independent.

Our first workshop takes place on Saturday, October 5, 2013 from 9.30 to 16.00 at ETH Zurich. We will meet on that day at 9.00 at the meeting point in Zurich HB.

A second workshop will be offered on Saturday, October 26, 2013 from 9.30 to 13.00 at the University of Bern. We meet at 9.00 at the meeting point in Bern HB. The afternoon continues with an event offered together with all the other Swiss scientific olympiads.


We will cover topics like elementary data structures, binary search, an introduction to graph theory, dynamic programming and backtracking. In the afternoon in Zurich, we will apply the new-learned topics and you can write some code of your own. And we can also address any topics of your choice at that point.

What to bring

We will provide basic writing utensils, but you are of course welcome to bring your own if you want. Computers for coding in the afternoon at ETH are provided as well. We do not require any prior algorithmic or programming knowledge, but it sure does not hurt to take a look at our training page.


We make sure that you get some snacks and drinks and we also organize lunch.  pizza.jpg

At these workshops you can learn the basics to successfully attack the SOI tasks. Therefore it is also an ideal start into the first round. Your traveling expenses are covered up to the half-fare price! For questions please write us at info(aet)soi(dot)ch and if you arrive late on the day please call 079 738 25 36.

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We look forward to welcoming you in Zurich or Bern!

Josef Ziegler, Daniel Graf on behalf of SOI