Contest 2011

The first round

For the first qualification round there are two tracks: a practical track, which focuses on the actual programming and a theoretical track which aims at the mathematical and computer science aspects. You may choose to follow either track to participate (or both if you like).

The first round starts October 1st, 2010 and ends November 30th, 2010

Please check the rules and the general information below before you start participating.

Track of Round 1 Description
Practical (1-P) For each task you should write a program that can calculate the solution
Theoretical (1-T) Solve the given tasks by means of logic and explain your solution in words

Creativity Task

By tradition there is always a special task in the first round, which does not ask for a perfect solution, but rather requires ingenuity and some good ideas to be tackled. By turning your strategy into an efficient program, you can take part in the tournament that will be hosted on the SOI Day. There all the submitted programs will compete against each other to elicit the best solution.

Creativity Task Description
Multisnake Write an innovative solution for this interactive task

Note: this part of the first round does not count directly for the qualification of round 2 (it is not mandatory to qualify for the second round), but the two best solutions will get a place in the Davos-Camp (assuming you qualify for the second round).

General Information

What is the SOI?

The Swiss Olympiad in Informatics is the national qualification for the IOI, its international counterpart. The SOI aims to select and educate the four students that represent our country at the International Olympiad in Informatics. SOI, however, also tries to attract talented high-school students to the field of computer science and give them an opportunity to learn new things.

What is the IOI?

The International Olympiad in Informatics is one of 6 scientific olympiads. It is the world championship in programming. Each year next to 300 participants from about 80 different countries compete against each other to win gold, silver or bronze medal. Every country can send four participants.

How can I get to the IOI?

The participants with the highest scores in the theoretical and practical track (distributed evenly) proceed to the second round. The best Round 1 participants will also be invited to a preparation camp in Davos – a five days long camp held in February, where the best participants are trained on IOI like tasks, take interesting lectures and have the opportunity to meet each other. Round 2 will be a mixed round consisting of an online contest with practical tasks and an on-site theoretical test. The best participants of Round 2 are invited to the Final Round, which is composed of four programming contests on two weekends, held on-site in Zurich. The best four students travel to Thailand where the IOI 2011 takes place. Free one week trip to Thailand: sounds appealing, right?

Why to participate?

  • You learn a lot of interesting things about computer science.
  • You meet a lot of people with similar or the same interests.
  • You can win a free trip to a foreign country.
  • You can participate in several events that are not solely about programming.


  • You can participate if you have been born on 1. July 1991 or later and you are enrolled at a swiss school (high-school, vocational school, etc) located in Switzerland during the period September to December 2010.
  • To participate, you need to register at the web page of SOI and set your status to Participant
  • You must participate under your own name.
  • We strongly encourage you to study from books and internet and exchange ideas with friends but do not copy any solutions (neither sourcecode nor the description) from these sources.
  • Solve the tasks on your own.

Qualification for the second Round and for the Davos Camp

The qualification for the second round will be evenly distributed among these two parts. The best 40 participants of both rounds will qualify for the second round. Please note that this is quite a lot and it is usually not necessary to solve all the tasks to score under the top 30. Therefore, by all means submit your solution even if you only solved one or two tasks. You can choose either one of the two tracks (or both, if you like). The best 12 participants of both parts will qualify for the Davos-camp, an all-inclusive trainingsweek which will take place from 7.-11. February 2011 in Davos. Two of the Davos-Camp places are reserved for the best results of the creativity task (as long as they also qualify for the second round). The rest will be evenly distributed among the two parts (therefore top 5 of both tracks as well as top 2 of the creativity task).

Presentation of the Results

After correction and grading, the results for the first round will be published on the SOI day, which will be held at ETH in Zurich, in January 2011. Besides the results there will be some interesting talks by guest speakers, as well as the long awaited tournament for the creativity task.